Natchitoches Christmas Festival Parades

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The Natchitoches Christmas Festival Parade is one of the most important elements of a day of festivities that brings more than 100,000 visitors to the City of Lights. To insure that the quality of the parade matches the quality of the other key elements of the festival, specifically the light displays and the fireworks, the festival committee recommends the following as minimal guidelines for the parade:

Purpose: The purpose of the parade is to enhance the warm feelings that the Christmas season brings and to provide quality entertainment for all members of the family, particularly the children. For that reason the entrants in the parade will be limited to individuals, businesses and groups who are willing to comply with the following regulations:

All entries in the parade will be by invitation only. The final invitation list will be compiled by the festival parade committee.

Watch the 2012 Natchitoches Christmas Festival Parade


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